About this map

The theme of this map is transport. The map shows rail lines and their stations.
It takes GeoJSON data of the active train stations within Wales and displays them up the map. Selecting a trainstaion will display its name in the top corner box.
Along with the train stations there are names trainlines within Wales marked via polygons. Clicking the polygon will provide pop up info window about the specific line with an external link.
The map features the ability to find the users location and display this upon the map updating every 10 seconds.
The map also has the ability that when clicked it can find the closest station to that click. So if a user clicks within the circle at where they are predicted to be the losest station to there will appear.

Features Of this map

  • Markers from GeoJSON file
  • Custom Circle Markers(Extra Reading)
  • Custom Polygons
  • Info windows(Extra Reading)
  • Pop ups with data and links(Extra Reading)
  • User location(not very acurate)(Extra Reading)
  • Find closest station to click(Extra Reading)